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Sweet Potato Wontons

1 cup sweet potato mixture makes about 25 wontons

Don=t relegate sweet potatoes to only Thanksgiving and Christmas menus! They should be enjoyed all year round and in ways that don=t bear any resemblance to how we typically see them used during the holiday season.

Using store-bought wonton skins eliminates nearly all of the prep work  Stuffing the wonton skins is the most time consuming part of this recipe, but enlisting help from family and friends can make this chore a delightful part of your Sunday Supper experience.

We experimented with the Kotobuki and Jewel sweet potato varieties to compare which one yielded better flavor. (For more information about different sweet potato varieties, visit The Kotobuki yielded a drier stuffing compared to the Jewel, but both tasted great! A small amount of lemon juice added to the sweet potato stuffing is the secret ingredient that brings out the sweet potato=s hidden soul. Try using lemon juice in other sweet potato recipes!

Baking the Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet Potato Stuffing:

To each cup of sweet potato mash add:

1 tsp. lemon juice
½ tsp. chopped fresh sage
A few TBS of any seasonings such as:

      Chopped green onions
      Chopped arugula
      Chopped kale, sautéed in oil olive and garlic
      Any other tasty greens (cooked as necessary)
      Chopped smoked chicken
      Chopped ham or Prosciutto
      Cooked, chopped bacon

(One package of wonton skins typically contains 50 skins, which will require 2 cups of this mixture.)


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Place 1 rounded tsp. of the
mixture on each wonton skin.

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Lightly moisten just the edges
of each skin with water.

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Fold into a triangular shape
and seal the edges firmly.

Cooking and Serving:

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